We visited Janko Rošc, a forester and livestock farmer from Planina pri Ljubnem, in one of the most beautiful and touristically appealing Slovenian regions—the Logar Valley. Rich in natural heritage, picturesque viewpoints, and numerous activities, this stunning Alpine glacial valley offers much more than just a popular tourist destination. Here, tourism adds value to agriculture and forestry, which are the most widespread activities among the valley’s residents.

Janko Rošc not only engages in forestry but also manages an agricultural operation at home, focusing on cattle breeding. His farm covers 45 hectares. Although forestry services are just a supplementary activity on his farm, forests constitute the larger part of their land—30 hectares.

Janko’s work takes place in very demanding terrains, as the Logar Valley is quite hilly. Consequently, the conditions for working are extremely difficult and dangerous, requiring highly efficient, technologically sophisticated, and reliable forestry equipment.

The farm first encountered Tajfun in 1986 when Janko’s father purchased his first 3-ton logging winch. At that time, Tajfun winches, and winches in general, did not yet have the now popular “A” type frame and looked quite different from modern logging winches.

Along with the development of Tajfun’s forestry winches, Janko’s home forestry machinery has also been enriched over many years, as he has replaced his previous logging winch every few years with a more advanced one, remaining loyal to the Tajfun brand. For the past three years, his work in harsh forest conditions has been facilitated by Tajfun’s most advanced and latest professional logging winch, VIP PRO 90. With the help of a colleague, he annually hauls between 4,000 and 5,000 cubic meters of timber. Janko is one of the few customers who opted for a special version of this winch, the “black edition,” available only by prior arrangement.

Janko further eases the hauling of wood by using a forestry trailer.

Moving timber with a forestry trailer is much faster and more efficient. He currently uses a competitor’s trailer, which he plans to replace soon with a more advanced, new one that would better meet his needs and work style. Due to his positive experiences with the brand, he is eager to try a Tajfun as soon as possible.

Without the VIP, working in today’s conditions would be nearly impossible.

We followed Janko during timber hauling on his terrain, where we witnessed and documented firsthand how sophisticated technological solutions on the forestry winch contribute to more efficient work. We invite you to check out the video report below to see which features of Tajfun’s VIP forestry winch convinced him.