If you’re involved in forestry, you’ve undoubtedly attended a presentation of forestry and agricultural machinery at least once, where you had the chance to try out or closely observe the operation of machines from renowned brands.

An Opportunity for Testing and Clear Presentation of Operation in the Field

When deciding to purchase a new forestry machine, such presentations are particularly welcome. They provide you with a detailed insight into the machines’ operation in a real environment and their essential features. There, you also meet experts and representatives from selected brands, who can significantly ease your decision-making process with their advice and explanations.

Tajfun’s Machine Demonstrations Across Slovenia Are a Tradition

We at Tajfun always eagerly attend these presentations whenever the opportunity arises. We’ve held many, both organized by us and those we’ve attended at the invitation of our users, dealers, or other partners. Therefore, dear readers, we cordially invite you to follow us on our website, so you’ll be timely informed about the upcoming Tajfun forestry machinery demonstrations.

Forestry Machinery at the Greif Farm in Planica above Fram

One such notable presentation of forestry and other agricultural machinery took place early in the summer at the well-known Greif farm in the village of Planica above Fram. In collaboration with SIP, which presented its so-called Alpin collection of agricultural machines for steeper and more demanding terrains, and Reform, which showcased its tractor, we at Tajfun introduced our full range of forestry machines to the crowd of visitors. We offered and demonstrated solutions for complete handling of wood raw materials from harvesting to cutting logs into firewood.

Tajfun’s logging winches are the right choice for efficient, simple, and safe timber extraction.

Picture 1: The Tajfun EVG 65 AHK hydraulic winch boasts hydraulic control, representing a simple and advanced method of operation.

Tajfun’s hydraulic tractor cranes, in combination with forestry trailers GAP, are the optimal solution for logistics of timber to collection points.

Picture 2: The forestry trailer GAP 140 with the installed crane DOT 50ZK ensures complete and safe manipulation of wood raw materials, more precise sorting, can overcome longer transport distances, and enables transport on public roads..

Tajfun’s firewood processors are an indispensable tool in converting logs into firewood. At Greif, the most advanced Tajfun RCA with its own LCD display showing important parameters of the machine was presented. Under optimal conditions, an experienced operator can process up to 14 m³ of timber per hour.

Picture 3: The Tajfun RCA PRO 500 firewood processor can cut logs up to 50 cm in diameter to lengths of 25 to 50 cm. Depending on the desired size of the logs, the user can decide whether to use a splitting wedge for 4, 6, 8, 12, or 16 pieces.

It’s Worth Visiting Us

At Tajfun, we always ensure that such presentations are not only informative but also enhanced with various additional activities. For fans of the Tajfun brand, we offer practical branded products at promotional prices in our Fan shop, organize raffles, or invite visitors to spin the wheel of fortune, where they can win a Tajfun souvenir for free.

Where Shall We Meet Next?