Technology with Tradition – A Technology That Leaves a Mark!

Tajfun’s flagship product, also the one with the longest tradition within the company, is the logging winch. Our diverse selection suits every budget, including single (EGV) and double drum (DGV), mechanical (A) and electro-hydraulic (AHK) guided, as well as professional (VIP) logging winches with pulling forces ranging from 35 to 100 kN. Easy to use, robust and attractive design, top-quality materials from renowned brands, high-quality construction, and innovative features are just a few of the qualities that have convinced numerous users worldwide over 45 years of our own development, continuous improvements, and production—and continue to appeal to new users.

In this article, we will delve deeper into the features that position our logging winches at the top of the market worldwide.


For 30 years, Tajfun has been manufacturing logging winches with the so-called “A” frame, which ensures a low center of gravity and an optimal distance between the drum and the upper pulley, making the winding of the wire rope onto the drum even and smooth.

The frame design, which we pioneered in the market back in 1994, also ensures exceptional machine stability. High-quality construction with the best components (SKF bearings) guarantees robustness and a long lifespan for Tajfun winches, while maintaining a low weight, which allows these winches to pull heavier loads.

Thanks to their longer lifespan and greater resistance to potential damage, Tajfun hydraulic logging winches have a metal socket, a plug with a reinforced cable, and a cable gland.

The lower protective blade, wedge-shaped and additionally reinforced with HARDOX® steel, ensures safe and excellent anchoring of the logging winch, providing exceptional stability and efficiency in pulling logs. The three-point hitch is very thoughtfully positioned to optimize attachment to your power machine, with different positions available. The lower coupling bolts have a patented integrated safeguard without separate locks, and the upper coupling is height-adjustable.

Numerous premium elements that provide additional comfort to the user of the logging winch are part of the standard configuration in Tajfun winches:

  • Since 2015, our winches feature a lower pulley with a patented locking mechanism for easy, safe, and quick insertion of the wire rope;
  • A robust holder for a chainsaw can be mounted in various positions, and the cleverly designed frame includes other elements for installing all the necessary additional equipment of each logger. A holder for a pickaroon, multiple hooks, and poles for hanging chains, a folding holder for the P.T.O. shaft, boxes with lids for storing tools, removable hitch (e.g., for a smaller trailer…);
  • Patented folding support legs, which ensure excellent stability of the free-standing winch, and during transport, they easily fold up.
  • All models of Tajfun logging winches also feature a robust double attachment of the upper pulley.

Tajfun winches are not only attractive to look at but are also extremely safe due to their well-thought-out appearance and frame execution. One such key advantage is definitely the patented folding protective net, adjustable in two working and one transport position. The net protects the tractor during operation and provides an excellent view of the load during log pulling. In the transport position, the height of the winch is significantly lower, which allows for optimal storage and easier transport on a trailer.


A large, robust drum allows for a high rope capacity, while its large diameter double-tube core reduces the loss of pulling force, thus extending the lifespan of the wire rope. Such a core also reduces the load on the high-quality SKF bearings.

A longer durability of the bearings and other components is also ensured by a 3 or 5 lamella clutch, which we have been installing in our logging winches since 1995. A larger bearing surface indeed reduces the pressure force and thereby lessens the burden on the bearings. A stationary sprocket ensures a longer lifespan of the already high-quality and reinforced SKF drive chain. A very big advantage is the easily accessible clutch cylinder, which makes maintenance of the clutch fast and simple.


We at Tajfun began developing driven pulleys for logging winches over 15 years ago. In 2009, we were the first manufacturer to offer our users hydraulic winches with a fully integrated motor in the upper pulley. The development of this very welcome element, which significantly facilitates the feeding of the wire rope, has not stopped there, as we continually update and add new features.

Since 2015, our driven pulleys have an additional patented mechanism for disengaging the pull with a contactless sensor, which prevents potential damage to the pulley and wire rope. Such a safety element ensures that the pulling automatically stops when the end of the wire rope or the load reaches the upper pulley. The sensor and its cable are protected against possible impacts by robust protection.

Today, the driven pulley SG is an extremely indispensable and technologically refined component of Tajfun’s hydraulic logging winches. It will reliably ease and simplify work in the forest for the user due to the following qualities:

  • Patented driven pressure wheel and pressure spring, which are also the result of our own development, ensure optimal grip of the wire rope even under the most difficult conditions. The innovative system allows the pressure wheel to move away, making the insertion of the wire rope simple and possible without the use of additional tools;
  • Patented rope guard prevents the formation of a loop or fallout of the wire rope;
  • A button for stepless adjustment of the wire rope feeding speed. Thus, the feeding is completely adapted to the circumstances, working conditions, and the way of working of each individual user;
  • The driven pulley allows braking of the wire rope during winding. The hydraulic system of Tajfun’s logging winches is designed so that resistance occurs during the winding of the wire rope, ensuring that the wire rope is always tightly wound on the drum.


Not only do we develop most of the more important and complex elements, technological solutions, and functions of our logging winches ourselves, but we also install high-quality components from other brands, which are in some cases completely adapted to our products. SKF drive chains in our winches are specifically developed for them and therefore have additionally reinforced links.

Components of the drive train, such as the input and drive shaft, have been well protected in Tajfun’s logging winches in a professionally made robust cast housing since 2009. A widely spaced bearing of the shafts ensures a more favorable distribution of loads. A two-stage transmission of the rotational torque is also implemented in most winches


The hydraulic control block, which still ensures smooth, reliable, and efficient operation of Tajfun’s logging winches, was developed back in 2009. It is compact, fully integrated into the winch frame, and thus excellently protected against damage. The central part of the system is a high-quality hydraulic pump with a pressure filter (long lifespan), driven via a hermetically sealed gear multiplier, which requires minimal maintenance. For simpler maintenance, it has a built-in hydraulic reservoir with level indicator and filler, accessible from the outside of the hydraulic block protection.


The brake assembly of Tajfun’s logging winches is thoughtfully designed and easy to maintain. The brake is self-locking and self-cleaning. The brake belt has cleaning grooves, so the contact is better and the braking force reliable. It ensures safe work for the winch user and also protects the winch components themselves. An innovative setting of the drum’s free run during wire rope extraction ensures an even distribution of the braking force over the entire circumference and thus allows precise adjustment of the belt and prevents its uneven wear.

The brake cylinder, like all essential components of Tajfun’s logging winches, is hidden in the frame and thus protected against potential damage.

At Tajfun, we are proud that our logging winches have been reliably serving users from completely different environments around the world for almost half a century. This is evidenced by the good responses and praise from our loyal customers. For you, we strive for sustainable and continuous product development, follow trends in forestry, your needs, and new technological improvement opportunities. With Tajfun, your work in the forest will continue to be safe, efficient, reliable, and ultimately as simple as possible.