At Tajfun, we are committed and devoted to sustainable development across all areas of our operation. One such area is the annual gifting to our valued business partners at the end of the year.

Sustainable, Practical, Unique, and Ours

The management’s decision to establish our own Tajfun vineyard initially triggered various responses, opinions, and, most of all, surprise. However, this seemingly unusual idea proved to be as unique as Tajfun itself. Owning a vineyard has become an opportunity to highlight some of the less visible yet equally important aspects of our company’s operations.

Harvest at Tajfun is More Than Just Socializing

It’s often said that harvest doesn’t belong in our work process, or that it’s “skiving off,” and that there’s much more important work to be done… Yet, at Tajfun, we’re known for doing as much as possible ourselves, internally, if feasible. And so it is with this. True, it may sound amusing to some that harvest is part of the work process, but the vineyard is Tajfun’s, and who better to care for it than Tajfun’s own team.

Picture 1: Tajfun’s Vineyard in Virštanj

Tajfun’s harvest is also an opportunity for team bonding, a kind of “team building” for which other companies hire various coaches and participate in sports activities. While these are also welcome in our company, few businesses gain as much from such activities, benefiting annual company events.

Picture 2: During official visits, receptions, and other occasions, we serve our Tajfun wine to guests.

Gifting to business partners is one such well-thought-out and carefully planned activity in our company.

The Virštanj vineyard, with just under 1000 vines planted in 2016, has grown so much that in a “good year,” it produces enough not only for holiday gifting but also to offer throughout the year at various official occasions, company visits, and other events.

In Tajfun’s marketing department, we interpret this wine-making process as “product development,” which it ultimately is. We produce Tajfun’s (promotional) product – two own brands of premium quality wine – white and red. We are proud of our #2Sortajfun (Dvehsort Tajfun) – an elegant, fresh duo of Kerner and Pinot Blanc, and #2geltajfun (Zweigelt Tajfun) – a lively red wine with the taste and aroma of forest fruits.

Picture 3: In Tajfun, we produce wine, bottle it, and create its image.

Thus, we have a product that we’ve made entirely ourselves, from content and appearance to the story behind it. A unique product with which we promote both Tajfun and the environment we are part of.

Picture 4:  Tajfun wine, ready for gifting.