When we proudly received the Socially Responsible Employer certificate in 2022, we decided to take a step further in fostering a connection between the professional and personal lives of our employees. Thus, the idea for “Tajfun’s Family Day” was born – a celebration that brings together warmth, fun, and a sense of belonging.

In May 2023, we opened our company’s doors to all employees and their loved ones. Upon entering, guests were greeted by the ever-smiling event organizers, who created smiles on the faces of our youngest visitors with balloons featuring the Tajfun logo. Parents took charge of the balloons, all in the name of children’s joy!

Meanwhile, other visitors had the chance to see our advanced technology in action – from our RCA PRO 500 wood processor to the operation of the forestry trailer with a crane and the EGV 85 AHK winch.

Picture 1: Our family members and other visitors had the opportunity to enjoy fun and snacks while exploring the machines Tajfun manufactures and how they operate.ujejo.

Chess masters, whom we at Tajfun proudly support at every chess move – Zala Urh, Laura Unuk, and Luka Lenič – set up a real chess challenge that attracted strategy enthusiasts of all ages. Those feeling brave enough could try their hand in a game against them.

Picture 2: A giant garden chess set also drew children into the game.

Entertainment for the youngest and the young at heart was aplenty with a wheel of fortune offering symbolic prizes, as well as a simulator and huge inflatable play equipment that sparked childlike excitement in all of us.

Picture 3: There was more than enough fun to go around on Tajfun’s Family Day.

Family Day was not just an opportunity for relaxation and fun but also for getting to know each other and bonding. By inviting our event, we also delighted our former colleagues, retired Tajfun employees, who reminisced about old times upon returning to our premises and enjoyed reuniting with old acquaintances.

Picture 4: Tajfun’s day was a day worth capturing on camera and saving for posterity.

At Tajfun, we value all our employees and their families and believe we are stronger and more connected as a community. Such events are not just an opportunity to relax but also to strengthen interpersonal bonds and a shared sense of belonging.

We look forward to future Family Days, where we will continue to create unforgettable memories and build lasting connections among us.