At Tajfun Group, we aspire to foster a connected and sustainable society where individuals can develop and realize their potential within a healthy living environment. As a business entity, our ambition extends beyond just financial value creation; we are guided by social responsibility. This commitment informs our business decisions, ensuring they benefit society at large.

In our quest to strengthen and develop this commitment to society, Tajfun has pursued and obtained the Socially Responsible Employer (SRE) certification.

Our company’s operations encompass long-term projects through which we fulfill our commitment. We support sports, education, science, and culture through sponsorships and donations and actively engage with local communities. As an innovative company, we act as a catalyst for change, maintaining ongoing dialogues with stakeholders—customers, business partners, the professional community, and the local environment. Through synergy, we build long-lasting and lifelong partnerships.

The goal of the SRE certification is also to reinforce our socially responsible management, particularly regarding our employees.

Thus, the initiatives encouraged by this certification aim to further increase employee satisfaction, motivation, and loyalty. The satisfaction and high professional competence of our employees reflect in the quality of our products, which in turn impacts the broader social environment.

Aligned with Tajfun’s vision, strategy, and organizational culture, we recognize social responsibility as our mission. We commit to continuously developing and implementing elements of social responsibility for a quality future.

Picture 1: At Tajfun, we have committed to strengthening our socially responsible management. To this end, we have obtained the Socially Responsible Employer certification.