As summer approaches, many working parents find themselves wondering where to place their children during the school holidays. How can they ensure their kids are cared for and entertained while they continue to work? Fortunately, Tajfun employees don’t have to worry about this anymore.

For many parents of school-aged children, the summer holidays present a significant challenge. Although Tajfun employees enjoy a fairly long collective vacation during the summer, allowing them to fully dedicate time to their families, there’s still a portion of the holidays when parents need to arrange care for their children.

In Slovenia, there is a vast array of language camps, sports camps, seaside or mountain holidays, and daily creative workshops. While there is something for everyone, the costs can often be prohibitive. Even though these costs are understandable due to the high quality of the programs (including care, entertainment, meals, and possibly accommodation), many average families struggle to afford even one session of such activities.

The idea of childcare for Tajfun employees first came to life in 2021.

As our company grows, so does the number of young parents among our employees. As a socially responsible and family-friendly employer, Tajfun has once again stepped up to meet the needs of its employees. To ensure our employees can perform their duties worry-free during the summer months, we launched the Tajfun Creative Workshops project in the spring of 2021.

Not only do these workshops offer socializing, creativity, and adventures, but they also provide a unique opportunity for children to see where their parents work.

Summer at Tajfun is divided into weekly sessions, with the best part being that there is no upper limit on attendance. Employees’ children can participate in every available session. The program is rich and varied, with different activities every week, and healthy, nutritious meals are provided. Many activities take place outdoors, and the animators never run out of ideas for creative projects, sports games, and other challenges.

Tajfun organizes numerous activities and day trips, such as visits to Tehnopark, the ZOO Land zoo, local fire departments, beekeepers, and interesting nearby farms. What excites the children the most are the organized tours of different departments within our company, where they can also learn about their parents’ work.

The children’s memories of summer at Tajfun are priceless. “New friendships are formed, and some of them last to this day,” recalls Karmen, a mother whose two children participated in the Tajfun Creative Workshops. She adds, “Only when you have children and face the fact that a young child cannot stay home alone during the holidays, do you realize what a significant and heartfelt gesture the company is offering us.”

The animators of the Tajfun Creative Workshops, Hana, Ana, Sara, and Manca, are also grateful for the rich experiences they gain from working with the children. They highlight the extremely positive impact such initiatives have on the overall company atmosphere. They understand how much it helps employees balance their work obligations and childcare during the summer holidays.

Registrations for this year’s Tajfun Creative Workshops have already closed, and once again, participation is high. We are delighted and proud that interest continues to grow each year. The goal is more than achieved, as evidenced by relieved and satisfied employees, smiling and playful children, and overall benefits to the entire company. After all, some of these participants might just be our future work colleagues.